2021 Announcement

Hi Bend South Families

It is with great happiness and excitement that I write to let you know that Bend South will be opening registration for the 2021 Little League Season. Please visitwww.bendsouthll.org

The inability to play last year was extremely difficult and the uncertainty of playing this year is something the board has been dealing with month after month.

At this moment, the school district has given us positive signs that playing on their fields will be possible so we are moving forward with opening registration. 

While playing Little League this year is something that we are looking forward to and hope that your kiddos are able to participate in, we want to be up front and very clear about the COVID restrictions that will be in place at each practice and each game, to keep us playing.

While some of us have strong, mixed or benign feelings about these restrictions, they are rules that we have to follow; should they not be followed, we will no longer be afforded the privilege of using the school district fields.

As such, please read the rules and restrictions below when considering if you would like to participate in the 2021 Little League season. Please consider whether you are willing and can commit to following the rules and restrictions before you register your child, as they will be taken seriously by the board and followed.

Again, we want more than anything to have life go back to "normal" and have hope that one day we will be able to play a season in the same way that we have for years, but for us to be able to get kiddos out there playing Little League, these are the rules that must be followed during this season.

Covid Rules and Restrictions:

-Each child and spectator must wear a mask, face covering or face shield while on the field at all times

-No more than 50 people on the field at any given time. (Teams will be limited to 10 players)

-Each child can only have one spectator with them for a practice or a game. This restriction includes siblings, no matter the age of that sibling.

-Hand Sanitizer will be present upon entry to the field and each player and their one spectator will need to sanitize their hands. Sanitizer will be present during the game as well.

-On the field, players and spectators need to physically distance themselves from one another at least 6 feet apart.

-Upon entry to the field, each player and spectator will need to sign in with a contact phone number.

-Prior to each practice and game, each player and spectator will need to read the symptoms of covid and affirm or deny whether they are experiencing any of those symptoms. If the answer is yes, that person will be asked to leave the field and not return until they are symptom free for at least 24 hours.

-While on the field, the use of school recreation equipment is prohibited

-After each use, players/families must wash uniforms and sports equipment before arriving at the next practice or game.

Please refer to the league's refund policies for refund questions.

If your child does not own their own bat and/or helmet and you are unable to afford to purchase your own, please contact us after you register. The league will make efforts to provide the necessary equipment for your child during each practice and game. Please note, the league will sanitize equipment used after each use, however, there is still risk associated with sharing equipment.

Please note that every rule applies to us all, including coaches, volunteers, board members and umpires.


We know that many people may have questions regarding the upcoming 2021 season, and we are here to help in any way possible within the regulatory requirements. Please direct questions to[email protected].


Melissa Thompson

Bend South Little League President

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