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Q. When is registration?

A. Online Registration will begin December 13th, 2022, and end on February 19th for Baseball Minors, Majors, & Juniors and February 28th for all other Divisions of Baseball and all Softball Divisions.

Q.  What are the registration fees?

A.  It depends on which division your child will be participating in.  
2023 Baseball fees: 
T-Ball - $100
Farm - $125
Rookies - $125
Minors - $150
Majors - $150
Juniors - $150

2023 Softball fees:  
Rookies - $125
Minors - $150
Majors - $150
Juniors - $150

Q.  What does my registration include?

A.  Your registration includes the team uniform (jersey, cap, socks, and belt) depending on which uniform combination we order. Note: T-Ball and Farm will not receive belts.

Q.  What are the Big Deal cards?

A.  Big Deal cards are the only fundraiser that all players in Bend South Little League participate in.   The Big Deal cards offer excellent discounts to local businesses.

Q.  What division should my child play in?

A.  Our divisions are based on your child's LEAGUE AGE, which may be different than their actual age.  
For help, determining your child's league age, click here for baseball and here for softball.
Our baseball divisions are generally broken up into the following LEAGUE AGE:  
T-Ball – 4/5/6
Farm – 6/7
Rookies – 7/8
Minors – 9/10
Majors – 11/12
Juniors – 13/14  

Our softball divisions are:  
Rookies – 7/8
Minors – 9/10
Majors – 11/12

Q.  What is the boundary to determine whether I should play in Bend North or Bend South Little League?

A.  Bend South Little League encompasses the south portion of the city of Bend.  The dividing lines are:
  - South of Highway 20
  - South of Greenwood Avenue
  - South of Galveston Avenue
  - South of Skyline / Tumalo Falls Road
  - Players must reside within these boundaries, or be enrolled in a school within these boundaries, in order to play in the Bend South Little League and/or be eligible for our all-star teams. If you reside north of the boundaries, you are encouraged to register with Bend North Little League.

Q.  Why do I have to show an original birth certificate?

A.  The International Little League rules require that proof of age must be obtained. Proof of age will also have to be shown again if the player is selected to the All-Star Tournament team.


Q.  When does the season begin? How long is the season?

A.  Games for the 2023 BSLL season will begin in mid-late March, with T-Ball starting closer to mid-April. Teams will practice for approximately two weeks before games begin.  Games will last through the end of May/beginning of June.


Q.  Why does my child need to tryout?

A.  Tryouts are held at the Minors, Majors and Juniors levels.  Tryouts are an opportunity for coaches to see the skills of the aspiring players (ages 9 and older).  Check our calendar for tryout dates.


Q.  What equipment will my child need?  What is provided by BSLL and what will I need to provide?

A.  Bend South Little League provides each child with a jersey, hat and socks that they may keep at the end of the season. Belts will be provided for Rookies divisions and above. Your child will need a glove, pants and appropriate footwear. Baseball pants should be gray and softball pants should be black. Team bats and batting helmets are also available. 


Q.  Can my child be placed on his/her friend’s team?

A.   Bend South Little League is no longer accepting any teammate/coach requests. As much as we would like to accommodate requests it is overwhelming for our volunteer board and nearly impossible.


Q.  How often are games and practices?

A.  Schedules vary from team to team and between divisions.  Plan on 3 Little League commitments each week, whether practices or games, understanding that each week will be different. Once games begin, teams generally have one game during the week and one game on Saturday, with a practice sometime during the week. Weekday game times are typically at 5:30 pm, while Saturday game times vary.  

T-ball teams do not have separate practice and game times. They meet twice a week and practice for the first half, then play a game for the second half.